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I think the best part of being in a relationship is knowing you can actually talk to someone, from morning until midnight, from nonsense conversations to sharing every feeling from the deepest corners of your heart – with the feeling and thought of security and comfort that you will never be judged, no matter what you tell them.

Kay Yuri lang ako hindi ganyan… Hindi ko lang s’ya makita nang isang araw, miss na miss ko na s’ya. — Kathy :”>


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Reunited with my girls last night! Missed them!

This week was really stressful, and I’ve been really busy meeting deadlines.

It’s quite obvious how I love it when you do that

October 11, 2014

Food festival on Maginhawa tonight, but I would rather be here than anywhere else. ;-)

'Yung alam mo 'yun… 'Yung kahit amoy panis na laway bibig mo kasi kagabi pa huling toothbrush mo, hahalikan ka pa rin n'ya. Kahit na saksakan ka na ng baho at nagkukumpol kumpol na libag mo sa katawan dahil wala ka pang ligo, yayakapin at haharutin ka pa rin n'ya. 'Yung alam n'yo 'yun, 'yung kahit nuknukan ka na ng panget, sabog sabog buhok mo at punung-puno ng muta mga mata mo, magagawa n'ya pa ring tignan ka na para bang ikaw ang pinakamagandang babaeng nakilala n'ya sa balat ng lupa.

October 7-8, 2014

Okay, I don’t know where to start. Happy, happy birthday Kathy Lynn Angcon Clair! The day before your birthday, to be honest, I still haven’t decided what to do on your birthday - I was torn between setting up a surprise birthday party, invite some friends over, and maybe have a couple of drinks AND giving you a simple gift which you will most likely love for sure. I chose the latter ((because you have work the night of your special day)), and then thought of other things to do on the last minute.

I began texting your friends ((I’m really thankful you introduced me to them because it was easier contacting them since I have their numbers)), and texted some of my friends too, asked them to send me a short birthday message for you and I was surprised that most of their greetings and wishes included me and our relationship as well, which was sweet and I appreciate them a lot. I also asked permission to lola if I could stay the night at your apartment because I have plans and I want my surprise to be executed properly. Thankfully, lola agreed. So after classes ((we were dismissed early that day, so I’m really sorry for lying, I had to)), I went straight to Robinsons Metroeast. A couple of days before your birthday, we tried to look for a steering wheel at Blade and you liked this gray steering wheel for Sushi. You said you were really excited to buy one. The perfect gift, I told myself. Now this is the part where it got really hard. Since I’d be staying at your apartment, how and where would I hide my gift for you? I had to hide it on my backpack. The steering wheel I bought is wrapped in plastic and is placed inside a box. It’ll be too obvious if I keep the box so I left it and went to the department store - the gift wrapping section to be specific. I asked for a ribbon to be placed at the center of the steering wheel, and the picture above is exactly how I imagined it ((I just wished they had a more colorful ribbon though)). My gift is small enough to fit inside my backpack without it being noticed. After that, I went to National Bookstore to buy post-its! To the readers, you’re prolly guessing it right, it’s where I put the messages, sticked and formed it into a “Happy Birthday Kc!” on his wall ((yeah, you could see it in the pictures above)). I wrote every message our friends sent, and man, that was tiring. My hands were shaking after. But when I saw the whole thing posted on your wall, it looked really nice. I guess the most special thing about it is that, I was able to ask for a message from your mom.

I was done with writing and posting it by 10:30 PM and took a shower because I was planning to surprise you at work. I wanted to greet you personally at exactly 12:00 AM. I know you wouldn’t be happy seeing me late at night waiting for you, but I am so stubborn and I really can’t fight the urge to see you. When everything was all set, I left your apartment. I was almost there when I sent you a text message:

"Magagalit ka ba kapag pumunta ako d’yan?"

"Oo! ‘Wag ikaw lalabas, ha!!!!!!"

"E paano kung andito na ako?"


I knew you were mad from how you sounded. You were really worried when I saw you. I felt a little pinch of guilt inside me, it was the first time I saw you sooooo worried. You were so close to crying……. At first, I took it differently. I thought you were mad at me for coming, I thought I disappointed you so much. Your shift still hasn’t ended, but you accompanied me back home. You were frustrated. When you calmed down ((because I’ve gone quiet for thinking how stupid my actions were)), you explained how worried you were thinking I rode a jeepney alone late at night. You told me that you love me so much that your heart skipped a beat when you found out I left the apartment alone, explaining how cruel the outside world is, how dangerous it is especially for someone who he treats like a baby, a princess. You told me how much you cared for me, how much you were protecting me. And I understood you. :-( When we finally arrived home, I was worried I might disappoint you again ((because I just spent my allowance for the week. lol)), but when you opened the lights and saw the post its, your eyes lit up. You weren’t able to notice the steering wheel at first, but when you did, your mood shifted in an instant - faster than a snap of a finger. Hoooooray! Success!I know how much you still wanted to stay, but then you still have to work. And that’s okay, accompanying me back home DURING WORK HOURS is enough to prove that you love me, that it would always be me ((my safety)) before anything else. ;-)

The next day, the day of your actual legit birthday ((what did I just say? lmao)), I attended my first subject and skipped the rest. We spent the whole morning and afternoon laying in bed, cuddling. You told me you were really happy to have me in your life, that spending your birthday with me is more than enough for you to be happy, you thanked me for everything I did, for the gifts and the effort. You told me that you were moved when you read your mother’s message for you for it was a first, you told me you normally receive messages from friends and from your mom but not long ones, compared to what you received that day. Later that night, we had dinner at Bigoli ((thank you to your mother’s treat, baby!! :-) hehe)).

Just to let you know, I enjoyed your day so much that it felt like as if it was my birthday, I hope you enjoyed your day too, Kathy! I know it wasn’t a perfect celebration, it wasn’t the best, but I did everything with all my heart. I did all I could to make you happy despite it not being that extravagant. And although there were surprise fails, and although I was a bit pressured days and weeks before your birthday, it all paid off when I saw you happy and smiling. It’s the biggest achievement in my life. I am looking forward to spending more birthdays with you, my love. I love you so much, and once again, happy happy happy birthday!

My boyfriend be like “Picture tayo baby, post ko sa FB” :-)

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